Our Resources

If you are already benefiting from our economic development engine, you will certainly enjoy the extra resources your chamber has put forth for you as a valuable member. The MACCGO understands that in today’s environment, financial stability is not enough to lead a healthy, happy, and fruitful life style; one has to have resources that enable him/her to reach the ultimate tranquility and peace of mind.

The MACCGO has partnered with several key specialists and professional to help our members design the life style they deserve and not the one placed upon them. We have the following resources for all our members as an extra benefit and a mirror of our true intention to help our members to reach their highest potential, their happiness , and their true purpose in life:

  • Spiritual Uplifting: Religious Studies, Human Power Energy, Stress Management.
  • Health Extravaganza: Physicians, Nutrition, ALF, Sports Coaching, Trainers.
  • Personal Development: Individual Excellence, Public Speaking, NLP, Leadership.
  • Family Matters: Pre-Marriage Counseling, Dealing with Teens, Family Challenges.
  • Career Building: HR Management, Head Hunters, Legal Matters.
  • Financial Banquet: Financial Planning, Accounting, Investments, Banking, Finances.