Board of Directors

We are so pleased to be serving you; our distinctive and valuable members. With your support, involvement, and encouragement we will accomplish many achievements and attain a new level success. Please do not hesitate to send us your requests, suggestions, and ideas that may be of benefit to all of us. We also welcome you to share your time, talent, and any unique trade that can be of value. Thank you for your trust.

  • Mona Charkoui, Chairwoman
  • Khalid Muneer, President
  • Vetna Monessar, Vice President/Legislative
  • Tariq Waheed, Treasurer
  • Sadia Marsch, Secretary
  • Arif Fareed, Director/Chair Membership committee
  • Dr. Abrar Saleem, Director
  • Dr. Afzal Chouwdry, Director
  • Ergin Colak, Director
  • Yazen Abdin, Director/Communications
  • Ahmad El Gendi, Director/Legal
  • Ramin Asgard, Director
  • Dr. Ayyaz Shah, Director
  • Amin Hafez, Director/Events
  • Kusomo Putri, Director/Events Committee Chair