Why You Need to Join?

If you are asked to pay an amount equivalent to a price of a dinner, to place you in direct contact with a potential lead, will you do it? Better yet; if that small amount may have the possibility of giving your company a significant boost in your Buzz, will you do it? You sure will! Our Chamber is unique in a sense that it won’t just present to you opportunities of economic development, but help you achieve more in areas that no other chamber does. Our model of a balanced lifestyle (Body, Mind, and Soul) will allow you to enjoy the economic development in a new dimension that you will pass on to others. Join today and start experiencing the difference!


Some of the Benefits of Being a Member of AMCC

  • Member-to-Member Discounts
  • Family & Friends Discount
  • Referral Service
  • Networking
  • LEADS Group
  • Sponsorship
  • Promotional Display
  • Advertising
  • Exposure
  • Venture & Partnerships
  • Technical Assistance
  • Trade Opportunities
  • Business Directory